Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A warm welcome

We made it! We have arrived in Cebu, where we are staying at the Provincial House (the local headquarters of the Salesians) for a couple of days to recover from the jet lag and find our feet a little before heading off to Boys Home.

After a very early start yesterday morning (we were on the road by 6.30am) and missing last night altogether by virtue of the seven hour time difference, it would be fair to say I'm a little tired: but forcing myself to stay awake to beat the jetlag and try to get into a proper sleep pattern asap.

We were met at the airport by friendly smiling faces, then brought here to meet more friendly smiling faces - and even a "Welcome Matthew and Stephanie" sign on the door. We have been made to feel incredibly welcome, but without any pressure; we have met been introduced to lots of people, but also now left to ourselves to rest and relax: all of which has helped alleviate the initial apprehensions and added to my very positive feelings about this whole experience.

I have also picked up my first word of the local language: salamat, meaning thank you. So Salamat Provincial House, Cebu for such a warm welcome!

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