Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Holiday memories!

After a very enjoyable fortnight of celebrations and relaxation, we are now back in the classroom, back to the early starts, the day to day busy-ness, and the everyday highs and lows. Meanwhile, memories of our five days away, on the neighbouring island of Bohol are fresh in our minds.

This trip was the first time we had been away since our arrival at DBTC early in October - it is unheard of for us not to have been to stay somewhere else for so long! So, much as we are enjoying our time here, it was good to get away for a few days, for a change of scenery (and it was very good scenery!) and to step back and reflect on our experiences so far. Peace was the order of the day (in between the bus journeys anyway), with a couple of days with an idyllic beach virtually to ourselves and then a couple at a quirky resort hidden in the jungle.  

We're looking forward to the cold, wind and rain next winter ... but in the meantime hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. It looks as though you had a great time! Total relaxation and time to recharge your batteries before returning to the fray.I'm sure some enterprising holiday firm could use your photos to promote The Philippines as a tourist destination. Pity it is so far!!

  2. You are very welcome to visit us if you like! We are expecting our visitor-welcoming total to be a lot lower for 2012 than the last couple of years, but if you want to come, get booking ...