Sunday, 27 May 2012

Circles of the Spirit

Happy Pentecost!

Pentecost is a celebration of many things, but for me, I think it is mainly a celebration of universality; it is about the possibility for all to experience the touch of a loving God: a God who reaches out to those on the edge, who unlocks doors of fear and hesitation, who breaks down walls of hatred and division, who overturns the tables of our preconceptions, who challenges power and authority used to oppress, who stands against exclusivity to preach an inclusive message of love.

The giving of the Spirit, the dwelling of God in human hearts, calls all of us to live out that same universality of reaching out a touch of love to those on the margins. Pentecost is a time to remind ourselves that our call is not to build walls that exclude, but to draw circles which include: and if there are people who seem a long way away from our experience, our world view, our comfort zone, then the call is not to hide in the upper room, but to make our circles wider.

Circles of the Spirit

Yet indestructible
Painted with the tender brush strokes
Of love

Reaching out
Drawing close
Dwelling within
Of community not conformity

Drawing in
To circles
Of flickering light

And the spirit dances
Within our doubt

All are welcome
To step inside
To warm frozen toes
By a fire of love

A fire lit
From thorns that pierce
And the crumpled, tattered papers
Of the trials of life

But for those who don’t
Or can’t or won’t

Stretch out your hand
And draw
A larger circle
With broader brush strokes
Drawing in
Even him.

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