Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A fragile power

This latest poem has been work in progress for a week or so, having been primarily inspired by a very blustery walk in spectacular surroundings last week, when we spent a couple of days away from the centre up at Knocklayd. The photos probably don't really do justice to the views, and to more accurately capture the experience I advise you to look at them outside with a very powerful and cold wind blowing into your face (or you can just imagine that part if your prefer!)

A Fragile Power

An autumn twilight
Fierce winds whip across the mountain tops
Untamed energy
Nature battered by uncontrollable elements
An invincible, palpable power?

Or is the power
In outstretched wings
That soar on the currents
And choose

An imposing skyline
Mighty mountains touch the pink-tinged sky
Unyielding rocks
Encapsulating endless time and solid strength
An invincible, palpable power?

Or is the power
In fragile flowers
That cling to the mountain side
And choose

A deep-seated fear
Spirals of merciless anger and violent retribution
Pervasive terror
Resorting to bloody war and brutal destruction
An invincible, palpable power?

Or is the power
In the humble outstretched hands
That cling to hope and forgiveness
And choose

God was not in the earthquake
Or the roaring wind
Or burning fire
The fragile power of God
Is seen
In the sound of sheer silence

The vulnerable power of God

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