Monday, 11 March 2013

This is the Sea

One of the joys of being here is being surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the coastline and the ever-changing sea. The poem below is inspired by those surroundings, as well as by other aspects of life here, but hopefully it speaks for itself. Meanwhile, although no photo (at least not any taken by me) can do justice to the views here, I thought I'd share some seascapes taken on recent walks around the area.

The whisper of babbling cliff-side streams
Drowned out
By a wall of waves
A voice that roars
With heart-felt fears
And aching agony

As unyielding cliffs
Say no
To changing and moving
And yet
They do

Rocks hard as
Yet cracked and worn
By mere droplets

While the moon pulls
As heart-strings wrench
With memories and pain
And thus
The ebb and flow
Of half-told stories
Through reflected prisms of light
And dark

And the backwash draws
With subtle sighs
Its debris
Into the deep
Each stone
And tossed or torn
And drowning

Yet in this monotony
Or multitude
Of grey
A colour also speaks

And from the depths
The restless roll and swell
Of legacies
And unsolved histories
Never still
Or stopped by will
By time and tide
To different meanings
And a hundred half-truths
Which are a whole truth
To him or her
Or you
Or me

In the crashes of confusion
To be singled out
And heard
Amidst unceasing energy
Of darkening waves
Or on the bright white froth
That flies on wistful gusts

This is the sea

But up above
The trickle of a tiny stream
Still sings

And the heart soars

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