Monday, 5 August 2013

This is Freedom

We hear a lot about freedom. We hear of the 'freedom' of "anything goes" and of "each to their own." We hear of the 'freedom' of markets to drive up profits (and drive out prophets). We hear of the 'freedom' bought with guns and missiles and self-piloting drones. We could be tempted to get a little bit cynical about this "gift of freedom" we have been given: it doesn't always look like a particularly attractive present.

But there is another freedom. And it was this other freedom which kept cropping up during the bible introduction of our first week in Taize this year. It is this other freedom which is the inspiration for this poem.

A saying no
The yes of
A whole life
A choice to close
The door
To other possibilities
By saying yes
To fullness of life
Where freedom flies

A life lived
At the edge
Of what we know
As others call
Us out
Beyond ourselves
And in their love
We touch
The fullness of life
Where freedom flies

In the daring trust
Of a human heart
Where a spark
Of the infinite
The mortality
Of the everyday
This is the place
Of fullness of life
Where freedom flies

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