Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Song of Prophets and Angels

It's Christmas time when angels sing
Their song of offered joy
And prophets call in desert lands
Their hope-filled words deploy

We like the blue-eyed Christmas angels
The ones with tinsel in their hair
But to stop and listen to their words of love
Is something we seldom dare

As profits out-shout the prophets
Whose oft-heard words have lost their power
And the angels’ song is strangely silent
At the magical midnight hour

We’ve closed our ears to hearing
The heart-felt justice cry
We seem to be somehow blinded
To a love no money can buy

But even in our world today
Angels still sing their song of love
And prophets old and new still share
Their messages from One above

So in amongst the Christmas sparkles
Take a moment, try to hear,
A whispered message meant just for you
Live in love, live in hope, have no fear

Merry Christmas!

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