Friday, 13 May 2016

A Palette of Emotions

I haven't written any poetry for a while ... certainly nothing that has even got close to what could be described as finished. 

But today at St Chad's Sanctuary, we took a break from preparing for reading exams and wrote poetry. Once again, I was able to appreciate my students' ability to say so much with so little and to admire their capacity for creativity, as together they produced poetry which included:

Quite apart from being a whole lot of fun (at least for me, and hopefully for my students too) and being another different way of reinforcing some English vocabulary, it also inspired me to come away and use a similar premise and structure to that I had given them (somewhat extended) to write something of my own:

A Palette of Emotions

Sadness is a monotony of grey
It is the silence of a shadowy, starless night
It is tear-smudged streaks across an unfinished page
It weeps

Happiness is a warm, amber glow
It is the harmony of voices raised in joyful song
It is swirls of colour dripping from a brush
It laughs

Anger is a deep, brooding red
It is scarred and bloodied hands wrenched apart
It is a dark stain spreading across an expanse of white
It kills

Excitement is a sparkling yellow dashed with golden glitter
It is the warm embrace of a long-awaited reunion
It is uncontrolled splashes of brightness
It dances

Fear is a deep blue as unfathomable as the ocean
It is the toes curled against seeping damp and biting wind
It is torn-off corners and jagged edges
It trembles

Hope is a thousand unnamed shades of green
It is the freshness of damp leaves after spring rain
It is a pen poised above a blank canvas
It waits

Humanity is the confused beauty of a well-used paint palette
It is the depth and complexity of all our experiences
It is a new story forever unfolding
It lives

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