Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Our smiling students

Aware that I have written quite a few lengthy posts recently, I decided it was time to cut down on the words and put some pictures up instead.

This week, the new semester has begun at TVED. For the students it is a time of new beginnings: our senior students are heading out into the real world to begin their on the job training, our juniors are beginning their senior semester and a whole new lot of students, having been put through their paces with the orientation last month are preparing to begin their studies at TVED. While their eyes are focused on new beginnings though, for us it is a reminder our time here is nearing its end.

To the music of the school song, "Ardua non Timeo", or "Fear no Hardships", these are the smiles that have accompanied our last few months:


  1. Beautiful smiles! We're enjoying reading about your adventures.

  2. Thanks Steph, what a lot of wonderful, happy memories you will bring back with you. The Blog has been a great way for us to vicariously participate in some of your experiences.