Friday, 15 June 2012

Out of Eden - Part 4 - Come, go and live!

As you are probably aware, I have been reflecting on the story of the garden of Eden for some time, and have written quite a lot on the subject. Here, to round of the series, is a poem and accompanying picture which tries to draw together some of the themes and ideas from my theological ramblings through Eden, Gethsemane and the resurrection garden.

Leave this fruit
It is not yours
Leave this knowledge
It means nothing to you
Leave this truth
It is time
To discover your own

Go instead
Go, plant and tend
Go, grow and eat
Go, learn from your own realities
And live

Leave your swords
Put down your violence
Leave your fears
Dare to stretch out empty hands
Leave the way free
It is time
All are welcome here

Come instead
Come, approach and see
Come, draw near and taste
Come, eat the fruit of fulfilment 
And live

Leave this garden
It cannot hold who you are called to become
Leave your hiding place
Face the challenges of uncertainty
Leave the centre
It is time
To live on the edge

Go instead,
Go, step out and look around
Go, take risks and be free
Go to your Galilee
And live

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  1. Beautiful Steph, thank you. And thought provoking too, as always. I hope you continue to challenge us out of our humdrum compacency.