Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Hand of Blessing

You are blessed
In your tears
And heartfelt fears
And in your dreams
Of a better way
Which feed your thirst
For rightful
The Beatitudes; Matthew 5:1-11
You who stands
With open heart
And open hands
Which offer love
And cradle

Blessed in your poverty
And all you give
In how you live
Of what you have
And what you haven’t

Blessed in your gentleness
And in your righteous rage
Which call for justice
Which challenge power
Which speak of

You are blessed
By tiny fingers curled
Seeking certainty
And by calloused palms,
Blemished by life
And cracked by age
Bearing oft-silent wisdom

You are blessed
By the hand of God
Which is felt
In the tender touch
Of human hands
In love
And Blessing

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