Friday, 26 June 2015

In their own words (part 2)

More of my students' stories:

I come from Sudan. I was born in Sudan in 1983. I lived in Sudan 24 years, and 3 years in Kuwait for work. I come from UK in December 2014. Now I live in Birmingham with my husband. My family live in Sudan I love my family, I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My parents is alive. My father is big manager in company.
Sudan is in North Africa. Sudan is beautiful. The biggest city of Sudan is Khartoum. Sudan is very hot in summer.  In Sudan we have some animals like elephants and lion in the national parks. I love my country but the government is not good because it is no justice and does not give me freedom. All the people migrate to another country.
I’m come to the UK I travelled by aeroplane. The plane took off flying 8 hours to UK. The plane arrived to Heathrow airport. My journey was very enjoyable. I am happy in the UK.

I was born in Eritrea and I grow up there. I lived in Eritrea about 24 or 25 years. And I came to England in 2013. I live in England for about 2 years and I like it in Birmingham.
Eritrea is a small country in the north east of Africa.  It is a beautiful country. It has a big sea coast The population of Eritrea is 3 million and it has nine languages. Each language it has its own culture and own tradition. Eritrea has a nice weather and the people are very friendly. I love my country it is like heaven for me.
My beginning in the UK is really good because there is a change in my life. When I came to the UK I found other cultures and languages so I tried to know about them and it was a little bit difficult but I have to know it because I have to make friends and to know people in order to work. Thank you.

I am 20 years old. I was born in Eritrea. A long time I lived in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. I lived with my father. My mother she’s not alive. I don’t have sister and brother. I’m married. I don’t have children. Before I live in many countries. This year February I came in the UK. I live in Birmingham. I’m happy to be here.
Eritrea has good food. It is a beautiful country. Lovely and quiet people. We have many languages.
Before when I arrived in the UK I am coming from France. I am coming from France by lorry. Its difficult for me. Lorry like the freezer. When I arrived in the UK the first weeks difficult for me. I am happy but difficult for me. In the hostel they make rice all the time but I don’t like rice! Its difficult for me. After the hostel I am happy because I make myself. And the most important for me, I have freedom.  I'm going school. I learn English language. I’m happy.

I come from Iran. I come in UK 8th June 2014. I live in Birmingham, in shared house, with three friends from different countries. One is from Sri Lanka, another one is Sudan, another one from Syria. My family all is in Iran, I mean my country. I have 2 sisters and three brothers. I didn’t marry,  maybe nobody loves me! Anyway, thank you, you try to help me and I am happy.
My country is Iran. Big country has 75 million people. The capital name is Tehran and big city maybe have 11 million people. It is a rich country because have oil. I love my country. We have good people, kind people. We have many factories. They are very clever, I mean Iranian people. But we have big problem. My government is not good because they don’t care about the people. They are corrupt. They take money they send another country, they send for terrorism, like this. This big problem, my governemt, because they like the Muslims, just Shias, not the Christians, not another religion. My people I mean more they don’t like my government.

I come from Angola. I live in Birmingham. I have three sisters, two live in Angola and one lives here. I live with my mother and my little sister. I study in St Chad’s Sanctuary. I came to the UK in November 2013. I am very happy in this country
My country is Angola. Angolan culture is very good. I miss everything in Angola, dance music and beaches. Angola is a very beautiful country. We have many mining resources diamonds petrol and coal. The Angolan people is humble and happy people. The food is very, very good.
My first in UK I went to France by plane. After two months I tried to get to the boat but it was not better. I was arrested for 7 hours to locate my mother because I came without her knowing. It was even desperate but now everything is fine.

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