Saturday, 26 December 2015

Glimmers of Christmas

A young family on an enforced journey
Through weary days and fear-filled night
But in the midst of a bewildering message from God
A glimmer of a promise still shines bright

A flock of humanity huddled on a hillside
Pushed out into the darkening night
Yet in unearthly melodies of angel song
A glimmer of heaven’s beauty still shines bright

Strange visitors travelling westward
Daring to offer what gifts they might
In pinpricks of starlight in a shadowy sky
A glimmer of a new kingdom still shines bright

Curled in a place fit only for animals
Hope of new life stills a relentless plight
As in outstretched hands of human welcome
A glimmer of humanity still shines bright

Halting but for a moment, as further exile waits
Struggling onwards in hurried flight
Somewhere in hazy dreams of a hidden future
A glimmer of possibility still shines bright

Journeying through the cold, dark pain of exclusion
Too many still live with that first Christmas night
But in the eternal resilience of the Spirit
A glimmer of the incarnation still shines bright

Merry Christmas!

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