Wednesday, 13 June 2018

St Chad's Sanctuary, a brief introduction

It is no secret that I love the place where I work and the people with whom I get to spend my days. Alongside my main role of helping co-ordinate the English teaching, I am responsible for the social media and sometimes turn my hand to other things too: almost invariably with plenty of enthusiasm, often with varying degrees of talent!

The idea of having a film which shares something of the work of the Sanctuary has been floating around for sometime, but with no definite deadline, it could easily have stayed on the back-burner indefinitely. So a deadline was set, and a project was brought to life. It received its preview showing at the Sanctuary celebration of the year earlier this week.

I am not a film maker, but I have given it my best attempt. There are things that could be vastly improved (by someone with more talent, or more time, or both), but on balance I am pleased with how it turned out and think it illustrates something of this place which is so special to me. Making it, particularly preparing and recording the contributions for the sound track, was an absolute privilege. I hope, and believe, the beauty and depth of the words the students and volunteers share, more than compensate for the shaky camera work and sometimes clunky editing.

I hope you agree it is worth 12 minutes of your time:

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  1. Hello from the internet ether. I am keeping my Lenten resolve to read your blog every day ☺ If I've calculated right, I should catch up by Holy Week 😉 Just wanted to say hello and thank you ❤