Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas in our hearts

Last Sunday we were invited to join Fr Mac at the Christmas party he organises for the children from his feeding programme in the city streets. After the Misa de Gallo at 4.30am we headed straight down to Lourdes parish to meet the volunteers and scholars from the parish, load up the truck and head off to set up the gym where the party was held.

With songs, games, food, Christmas presents from Santa and distribution of  "bundles of joy" sacks of rice and other food stuffs we got home at 2pm, by which point we had been out for 10 hours and were very hot and tired!

It was loud and mildly chaotic (all be it in a highly organised way) but a really joyful celebration of Christmas. For the rest, I think the photos probably speak for themselves ...


  1. Steph this is a wonderful video it really does remind us what Christmas is all about. Thank you so much. God Bless Fr Mac and all of the community. xxxxxx

  2. Thanks Steph, what a lovely video and what a timely reminder, as Clare said, of what Christmas should be about; well done to all of you that made it such a special day for those children.

  3. From a dark, cold Cumbria, you and all the volunteers bring light to our darkness. God bless you all,
    Anne & Tim in Cumbria England (Used to work with your Mum at Victoria.