Sunday, 4 December 2011

A day in the life

While we are here we are working at TVED (or the Technical Vocational Education Department), designing and teaching the English and Maths courses which form part of the programmes for the students here. TVED counts about 220 students, following courses in Wood and Furniture Technology Industrial Electricity, Mechanical Technology, and Handyman Skills, all of whom we teach. The Handyman skills course is a three month programme, the other courses last three semesters (of about five months each), two at TVED and a third of On the Job training (OJT).

For the students at TVED, this is no soft option: their time here is an all-encompassing programme, which keeps them on site for 11 hours a day, six days a week. Learning vocational skills is of course an important part of the programme, but it is by no means all they do: and there is no sense that the other parts of the programme: maths, and English, theology and ethics, hobbies, PE, chores, prayers and mass, are any less important. This is not just a place to learn a trade; it is place to learn how to live.

Hopefully this video gives some idea of life as a student at TVED.


  1. Thanks Steph for that insight into a day at TVED. They are all, including you,kept very busy!!

  2. It doesn't look as though there is any time for "idle hands ...."!
    The video helps to bring the days at TVED to life. Thankyou.