Monday, 2 January 2012

Celebrating Christmas!

With four days of Christmas left, I reckon it is not to late to still be posting about our Christmas celebrations here. It has been very different from any other Christmas I have celebrated. Christmas eve, as well as being the last day of the Misa de Gallo (so morning mass at 4.30am) was also the main day of celebration (so still up at 2am) No wonder not much happened on Christmas day itself, I guess we all needed to catch up on some lost sleep. 

I have no idea whether our celebration this year were typical of how Filipinos celebrate Christmas (although I suspect karaoke probably figures fairly widely), or typical of how Filipino Salesians celebrate Christmas, so I'm not going to trynto draw any conclusions from what we did: but whether this is a traditional Filipino Christmas, or just our Filipino Christmas, hopefully the photos capture that it was a lot of fun and a very joyful celebration!


  1. Was that Dairy Milk in Matt's stocking? Funny how it tastes better when you're away.

    Happy new year!

  2. Dairy milk indeed - Malaysian recipe so not quite the same, but close enough! Happy new Year to you too!

  3. I was going to make that comment Steph, but you beat me too it!