Monday, 23 January 2012

Santo Nino 4 - Is this our God?

This poem is really a continuation of the ideas I explored in my previous post, but as that was already long enough I decided to offer this as a separate post, which delay, incidentally, gave me time to do a picture to go with it.

Baby eyes of a child’s wonderment
Discovering a world of joys and pains
Watching, waiting, hoping, fearing
Is this our God?

Tiny fingers reaching up
Crying out for another’s help
Living, breathing, loving, dying
Is this our God?

True Love hiding nothing in humanity
Breaking barriers and removing masks
Choosing, daring, feeling, being,
Is this our God?

The vulnerability of love
To the point of life
And death

And what is it we are asking for
As we pray to our vulnerable God?

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